Alghareeba General Trading LLC boasts of having a network of around 3+ customers in the U.A.E  and 5+ customers in the other GCC countries which includes Wholesalers, Supermarkets, Catering, Hotels, Restaurants, etc. This has resulted in Alghareeba General Trading LLC having the highest market share in the U.A.E all industry hence becoming the largest distribution of all industry in the U.A.E. GGT has been able to achieve these milestones due to its comprehensive and systematic procurement base and long heritage in the rice industry which has helped it to maintain its stable quality and sustain its competitive pricing.

From the paddy to the end user, Alghareeba General Trading LLC has complete control on the entire supply chain process. All processes are owned and managed by the company hence Alghareeba General Trading LLC is able to sustain quality and add value through in-depth management at very stage.

Alghareeba General Trading LLC believes that in order to be the prominent player in the market, distribution needs to be effective and hence is constantly trying to increase its distribution channels. Alghareeba General Trading LLC is on the lookout for new distributors to assist them in expanding into new horizons.