What We Offer

We not only trade with our prestige clients but build the trust with our quality and commitment with dedication. We are supplier of some items

Construction Material Supply

Often people get worry before the construction of their home as people are usually not aware of the construction material and where to find the.

Heavy Machinery

If you want Heavy machinery on rental basis then you are at right place. We provide the best direction to get your hands on heavy machinery.

Security Equipment

We cater with the all kind of security cameras for the convenience of our prestige clients. As the demand of security cameras has increased for not

Manpower Services

Manpower helps you to manage the ever changing talent needs in today’s world of work in which rapid access to the right talent is a powerful competitive advantage.

Office Furniture

You want to add new office furniture then AGGT is the right place. You share your idea and we make it reality by providing multiple options of furniture in different.


All grocery items like rice, different grains, pulses, Dairy products, Cereal, Bakery, Frozen Food, Laundry products, sanitary products etc can be..

Other Services List

Apart from providing multiple supplies of items, we also cater in additional items:

  • Road Materials
  •  Construction Blocks
  •  Furniture Parts
  •  Ceiling Materials
  •  Heavy Vehicle Spare Parts
  •  Heavy Equipment’s Spare Parts
  •  Generator
  •  Generator Spare Parts
  •  Gi pipe Fittings
  • Nut Bolt
  •  Office Appliances
  •  Home Appliances
  •  Water Filter
  •  Submersible Pump
  •  Iron Building Materials
  •  Electricals Materials
  •  Hardware Materials
  •  UPVC Pipe Fittings
  • Security Materials
  •  Safety Materials
  •  Electrical Fitting Materials
  •  Electric Panel
  •  Solar Panel Equipment
  •  Building Maintenance
  •  Elevator Lift
  •  Floor Tiles
  •  PVC Pipe
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